Welcome to the Riviera del Conero! This heavenly corner of the Marche region is a perfect blend of sea, nature, and culture, and Porto Recanati is the ideal starting point to explore the beauties that characterize this territory. Here you will find activities and experiences for all tastes: from discovering hidden beaches and coves by boat, to high-adrenaline trekking or mountain bike excursions on Mount Conero, to strolls through the historical treasures of the medieval villages, ending with delicious gourmet stops to discover the local typical flavors.

Tour in barca della Riviera del Conero

Boat tours along the Conero Riviera

Boat trips along the beautiful coastline in search of hidden, unspoiled bays

Sailing along the crystal clear waters of the Conero Riviera, is one of the most enchanting experiences the Adriatic Sea has to offer. Boat excursions are the ideal way to appreciate the beauty of this area, with its coastline winding between rocky headlands, caves and secret coves. Admire the white cliffs of the Conero promontory, and be lulled by the waves as you discover beaches accessible only by sea, where clear water and wild nature create picture-postcard scenery.

Adrenalina e avventura

Adrenaline and Adventure

Experiences and activities to intensely experience the nature of the Conero Riviera

The Conero Riviera is the perfect stage for those seeking an adrenaline rush, with a variety of activities that allow you to explore and experience this extraordinary area in a unique and exciting way. Here, you can range from climbing the striking cliffs overlooking the sea to diving in the crystal clear waters and paragliding for spectacular views of the landscape below. Each experience is immersed in the unspoiled nature of the Conero, and will guarantee a full load of adrenaline and strong sensations.


Food and wine

The authentic flavors and local specialties of Marche, ancient culinary traditions and genuine products

In the heart of the Conero Riviera, food and wine represents a sensory journey through the authentic flavors and specialties that make Marche cuisine a true treasure to be discovered. Here, ancient recipes are handed down from generation to generation, and the products of the land and sea combine to create dishes that are genuine and rich in flavor. The wines of Le Marche, such as Rosso Conero or Verdicchio, are the perfect complement to these delights, with their ability to enhance each flavor and tell the story of the land through the palate.

Cultura e tradizione

Culture and tradition

Discovering beautiful medieval villages and cities of art, rich in artistic heritage

The Conero Riviera is not only a natural paradise, but also a treasure trove of culture and tradition, where every corner tells the story of a rich and fascinating past. Strolling through the narrow alleys of perfectly preserved medieval villages, you will find yourself surrounded by ancient walls, guardians of works of art, churches and monuments that testify to the historical and artistic greatness of the region. Just steps away from the lively atmosphere of the beaches, you can immerse yourself in the art of fascinating cities where museums, galleries, and theaters continue to celebrate Marche's cultural heritage.

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